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I have the best website. What next?

You have already invested enough money on your website and the next question is what about the content? For some people, a website is just an address on their visiting card. If you are one among those, you can skip reading the reminder of this page.

A website is beyond an address, it is a reflection of your business, your ideas and it is your first sales pitch to a potential customer. Natural your website should be able to deliver leads and business opportunities for you; and for that, it should have content convincing enough for a customer to contact you. It must induce trust, interest and action.

I am good in business; I know what content I want.

Your business skills are unmatched agreed; but it doesn’t necessarily translate into an equally matching command over words and an ability to articulate the flow of information. Just as all doctor don't stitch their own clothes, you must employ the services of a genuine content writer for creating authentic content that will appeal to visitors to your website.

Who can help me with content?

Almost any good content writer can. We at Jay4web, work closely with content writers who have keen interest in business, having enough domain knowledge and who are ready to engage with you to go that extra mile to ensure that the content matches your expectations and deliver results. Just as Samuel Johnson said

"What is written without effort is in general read without pleasure."

Our team puts in genuine effort and time to come up with content that will serve you well.

My website has decent visits; do I need to redo content?

Times are changing. What is relevant today might not hold good tomorrow. If you already have content on your website, you must regularly monitor and take feedback from visitors to see if the content is really engaging. We at jay4web provide content consulting services to allow you to uncover content requirements. Our idea of content consulting is to give you feedback from a website visitor’s perspective. This would means perspective of a casual visitor, prospect and a loyal customer. This way you can take an informed decision before investing on revamping your website content.